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Apply for Domicile Certificate in 6 Easy Steps

Domicile Certificate means a certificate provided by a State Government in India. The state government issued this certificate to differentiate the native people of the state and the people who come from other states of India. State governments use this certificate to provide better services to their people. It is used primarily in Jobs, where the state government gives a defined share of jobs to the native people of the state. Many state governments and the Union territories of India provide this certificate like domicile certificate Delhi, domicile certificate Maharashtra, Gujrat, U.P, and newly domicile certificate of Jammu and Kashmir.

After the abrogation of 370 in Jammu and Kashmir on 5 August 2019, there is a need for new laws in Jammu and Kashmir. So, this new Domicile Law is implemented in J&K. Now, people from other states also apply for this certificate. Also, Children of West Pakistan Refugees, Valmikis, displaced persons, PoK families, and Kashmiri migrants can apply for this. The Jammu and Kashmir administration started giving these certificates on 27 June 2020 in the presence of Lieutenant Governor G.C Murmu. How to get an online domicile certificate for J&K is explained step by step below.

How to Apply for a Domicile Certificate in Jammu and Kashmir?

Domicile Certificate

Anyone can easily fill the Domicile certificate form of J&K online. Just follow the given steps.

  1. Open the JK Government Website and fill the Citizen Register Form.

    Domicile Certificate Step 1

    To apply for the domicile certificate firstly you have to visit the JK gov website https://jk.gov.in/jkeservices/cznregistration and fill personal details, upload your Photograph (less than 50kb) and generate your login id then press preview button and submit it.

  2. Generate Username and Temporary Password.

    Step 2 Generate Username and temporary Password Domicile Certificate

    After the first step, you will get a permanent username generated by you in the first step and a temporary password for one time login. Note them done in your notepad.

  3. Generate Permanent Password.

    Generate permanent password for domicile certificate

    Now, you have a username and temporary password. Login with them and you will be asked to change your Password. Type your new password two times as desired and click submit. So, you generated a new permanent password, note down it for future use.

  4. Upload Required Documents.

    Documents required for Domicile certificate

    Now login with your username and the new password you created and navigate to E-Services in the menu section. Now find the General Administration Dept under the list of departments. Select General Administration Dept and click on Application for Domicile Certificate. A new window opens and asks you to fill more personal details and a section to Upload your documents as required. For Permanent residence of Jammu and Kashmir State, Just upload your State Subject, for others read T&C below.

  5. Submit and Check Your Mail for Confirmation.

    Application number for Domicile certificate

    After uploading your required documents, Check Self Declaration and hit the preview button then submit it. After submission, you will get an application number like (DOM/0404/18Jul2020/XXXXXXXXX) also notified in your email.

  6. Check your Application Status.

    Check application status for domicile certificate

    After complete submission check your status of application if it is accepted or rejected at any level. To check your status login to your id and you will get a Check status option on the right side of the top menu, paste your application number generated in step 5 and click on Go.

Instructions for Filling Form to Apply for Domicile Certificate

  • Upload photo size Should be less than 50kb.
  • The size of the uploaded document should be between 200 to 250kb.
  • Must note your Username and Temporary Password generated in Step 2.
  • Aadhaar number is mandatory for everyone to apply for a domicile certificate.
  • Choose your Tehsil carefully.
  • Select Role Type Citizen when trying to log in.
  • Make sure you upload the correct documents as required.

Documents Required for J&K Domicile Certificate

ClauseCategoryDocuments to be attached as per category specified in Rule 5
Clause 1(a) of Rule 5Permanent Resident Certificate HolderPermanent Resident Certificate
Clause 1(b) of Rule 5Children of persons possessing Permanent Resident CertificatePermanent Resident Certificate of the parentDate of Birth Certificate And
Clause 2(a) of Rule 5A person who has resided for a period of fifteen years in the Union Territory of Jammu and KashmirAny of the following documents: Ration Card Immovable Property Records Education Certificate Voter list Electricity/Utility Bill Labour Card Employer Certificate
Clause 2(b) of Rule 5Children of a person who has resided for a period of fifteen years in the Union Territory of Jammu and KashmirAny of the following documents: Ration Card Immovable Property Records Education Certificate Voter list Electricity/Utility Bill Labour Card Employer CertificateDate of Birth Certificate And
Clause 3 of Rule 5A person who has studied for a period of seven years and appeared in class 10th/12th examination in an educational institution located in Union Territory of Jammu and KashmirCertificate of Education issued by the Head of the Institute and verified by the Chief Education Officer, School Education Department of the concerned District
Clause 4(a) of Rule 5MigrantsCertificate of Registration as Migrant by the Relief and Rehabilitation Commissioner (Migrants)Permanent Resident Certificate Or
Clause 4(b) of Rule 5Children of MigrantsCertificate of Registration as Migrant of the Parent Permanent Resident Certificate of the ParentDate of Birth Certificate Or And
Clause 5 of Rule 5Children of All India Service OfficersCertificate of ServiceDate of Birth Certificate And
Clause 5 of Rule 5Children of Central Government officials, Officials of Public Sector Undertakings, Autonomous Body of Central Government, Public Sector Banks, Officials of Statutory bodies, Officials of Central Universities and recognised Research institutes of Central Government who shall have served in Jammu and Kashmir for a total period of ten years.Certificate of Service issued by Cadre of Controlling AuthorityDate of Birth Certificate And
Clause 6 of Rule 5Children of such residents of Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir as resided outside Union Territory in connection with their employment or business or other professional or vocational reasons.Permanent Resident Certificate of the Parent Or Any of the following documents: Ration Card Immovable Property Records Education Certificate Voter list Electricity/Utility Bill Labour Card
Table for documents required

Is there any need to apply for a Domicile Certificate soon?

Yes, it is mandatory to have a domicile certificate of Jammu and Kashmir if you want to get services from the JK government. All new Jobs in J&K come under the new Domicile Rule.

Can I apply for Domicile Certificate Offline?

You can apply in both ways online as well as offline. For online Registration, you can follow these 6 steps discussed earlier, and for offline, you can apply in your Tehsil.

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