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How Slow Speed Internet in Jammu and Kashmir affect People

We are in the 21st century, and everything is so fast in this world that we can’t match that speed. Even after giving our 100%, and as Indian, it is too difficult to match with the rest of society. The studies are so competitive that a student can’t afford to waste even 1 minute of their life. In all this fast-moving world someone can’t imagine living without the internet. Yes, nobody in this world can believe in living with slow speed internet. Yes, it is a place in India where people are still using 2g internet in 2020. The internet in Jammu and Kashmir is still in the 2g phase, but why? Let’s discuss this.

There is a state (now UT) in India that had no internet for months and currently residing with 2G internet after Jammu Kashmir internet ban 2019. No one in this world can imagine the frustration behind this pain. Only the people of Jammu and Kashmir can know how severe is their life and what kind of trauma they are facing. In this article, we will discuss how slow speed Internet in Jammu and Kashmir affects Peoples, Students, Teachers, Entrepreneurs, Businesses of Jammu and Kashmir in various sectors.

How slow internet affects the life of People.
How slow internet in Jammu affects the life of People.

How Slow Internet in Jammu and Kashmir affects the Life of People.

Slow speed 2G internet affecting the daily life of people in so many ways that we can’t even discuss all of them here. Because the effect is different for person to person. Here are some points, which affect the life of peoples in Jammu and Kashmir.

  1. People of Jammu and Kashmir are now left behind from the people of the Rest of India as they are not getting enough information required in day to day life, which makes them dumb from the Rest of India.
  2. We all know the Frustration of using slow speed internet, but after using 4g Internet or years, this Frustration of people in on the next level. Which makes their daily life sad and unhappy society is bad for any country.
  3. Slow Internet in Jammu and Kashmir is reducing the Happiness index plays a significant role in knowing the standard of living of any state.
  4. The world moves towards 5g high-speed Internet. Now, all websites designed for high-speed Internet, and it’s challenging to load them on 2g speed. So, people of Jammu and Kashmir can’t use all the sites, which is pain, and they can’t get the information they need.
  5. E-Commerce websites are getting popular these days due to the vast amount of things available there also at low cost. But it is challenging to download and surf these e-commerce apps on a slow network. Which makes peoples life tough and they have to buy from local shops at higher costs.
  6. What makes most people happy is to live with their dear and loved ones or to remain in contact with them, which nowadays done through social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. But it is very frustrating to use them on slow speed internet in Jammu and Kashmir.
  7. Many families are their relatives or family members who live in other states or doing jobs in other states. So, its good to have a video call, which is also not possible in J&K.
  8. Internet banking is booming in India due to the efforts of the Indian government. But the people of Jammu and Kashmir are demotivated for that. Digital transitions are just like a dream for people. Because due to low transition speed, the conversion rate for a successful transaction is meager. As a result, money deducted from the bank account. That refunds in 2 or 3 days, which is very frustrating.
  9. Slow Internet in Jammu and Kashmir make peoples stand in long queues for hours to purchase train tickets, airways tickets, etc. because it’s tough to do in an online and successful transition is a dream. People were paying for 4g Internet and getting 2g Internet. If this happened for 2 to 3 months, it’s ok. But it’s now 8 months, and people are paying for it and not getting it.

How Slow Speed Internet in Jammu and Kashmir affect Students

We build a nation for our future generations, to make them happy and to make their life easy and advanced. All the people of countries are doing this, and helping to build their nation, to make their future generations happy. But in Jammu and Kashmir, our future generations i.e., students are sad and unhappy. Slow internet speed in J&K affecting them in a very harder way discussed below:

How slow internet speed affect Students of Jammu and Kashmir.
How slow internet speed in jammu and kashmir affect Students of Jammu and Kashmir.
  1. Every student’s dream is to study and get a job. But, the goal of students is weakening day by day because they are lagging from the rest of India. Now they can’t compete with them. Its a backlog of 7 months without internet in Jammu and more months for Kashmir and now 2g. As all the students of the world study through the internet.
  2. Study online is very cheap, and everyone is studying there. Many poor students study only through online courses because they can’t afford expansive coaching centers and books.
  3. The day to day knowledge is also essential for students to build there overall IQ and development of mind.
  4. Many students miss their session because they miss the last date of filing of forms in many universities and colleges. After all, nowadays, all kinds are filled online.
  5. They also lose some job opportunities because they don’t know the last date of filling forms due to the non-availability of the internet for months, and now we all know government websites are worst to open in smartphones. It is impossible to open them on the computer with 2g internet in Jammu and Kashmir.

How Slow Internet in Jammu and Kashmir affect Business

Nowadays, the business of the whole world is getting dependent on the internet. All transitions are done through the internet. At this time, no business can be successful without the internet: it, a basic necessity of a business. Where the companies of the whole world using social media to get popular and to get customers. The company in Jammu and Kashmir can’t do it.

How slow internet affect Buisness in Jammu and Kashmir
Business vs Slow internet

Businesses in Jammu and Kashmir also get a great hit by this slow internet. Many companies are dependent on it. Many retailers sold their goods on online platforms. Some sold on local platforms while some on big platforms like Flipkart and Amazon. These retailers are bearing significant loss also their competitors from the rest of India taking the lead on them. Due to these online businesses can’t target the local audience.

Many big companies are closed due to the internet in Jammu and Kashmir. Some don’t think to come here because they depend upon online chains like zomatoo, swiggi, dominos, etc. There is also very negligible restaurant chains like Oyo even after there is a huge demand for tourist. Therefore, it hits many startups, and it is also the central region why Jammu and Kashmir don’t have many startups.

How Slow the Speed of the Internet in Jammu and Kashmir affect Entrepreneurs

If you know what entrepreneurship is. Then you also know that it is impossible without the internet. This destroys these entrepreneurs because they are self-dependent. We never see the number of entrepreneurs gets affected by this. These are in thousands because it’s trendy in the youth nowadays. Many of these will become top businessmen, millionaires, but now their path is much much tricky.

How Slow Internet in Jammu and Kashmir affect the Rights of people

Gone all those days, when we treat the internet as a luxury. In today’s world, it is a basic necessity of peoples. When the whole world is using 4g internet, the people of Jammu and Kashmir feeling discrimination by using 2g internet. It is also against the law Right to Information because people are not getting information due to this low-speed internet. It is also against the law of Right to express. Because people can’t express their feelings, their words, their thoughts.

How Slow the Internet affect the Economy of the State

When all the businesses are get hit by slow internet. Which in turn affects the economy of a state. Many entrepreneurs will start their startups, which eventually earns millions. Hence contribute to the economy of a nation. Less digital transactions are also not good signs for a good economy.

How Slow Speed Internet in Jammu and Kashmir affect fight with Covid-19

How slow speed internet affect fight with Covid-19
How slow speed internet affect fight with Covid-19

When the whole country is in quarantine, living in their homes watching Netflix, amazon prime, youtube, the people of J&K can not use these due to low-speed internet in Jammu and Kashmir. It never seems like quarantine days rather then Jail days. They can’t get the right information from the internet and its very hard to live in this situation. No one can live all day at home without the internet. But the people of Jammu and Kashmir have no option. It’s also very harder for doctors in hospitals to get all the necessary information to keep themselves up to date. Because due to this epidemic, they spend most of their time on the job in hospitals where no broadband facility available. They are dependent on their phones for the right information.


Peoples of Jammu and Kashmir are living a tough life. We miss out on many points where people of Jammu and Kashmir faces a lot of difficulties. The government also needs to listen to the voice of people of J&K UT. Seven months is a long time, and people need answers, but there is no one to do so, and everyone is asking when will internet services resume in Jammu.

On the other hand, the administration is providing new broadband connections to thousands of people. But not in their cell phone, which has no logic. Also, they are installing new fiver lines with high-speed internet. Whole Udhampur city is covered with fiber lines in these seven months, and thousands of households get new connections. Which is again has no logic because it’s a relief only for Rich people. Middle-class peoples and the poor are still using slow internet in Jammu and Kashmir because they don’t afford these fiver connections. So, as a resident of Jammu and Kashmir, I also urge the government to start High-Speed 4G internet.

When internet restored in jammu?

Nobody knows when 4g internet will restore. After banned in 2019, there were many instances when it could be stored, but the Government of India didn’t restore it. This matter of slow internet in Jammu and Kashmir also goes to the supreme court, and after delayed many times now, it depends only on om the Central Government.


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  3. Yes, we personally oppose this law it is against the rights of local youth. Many states give preference to their youth, like in Punjab you have to know Punjabi, in Himachal, there is 371 and in northeast states, there is an inner line permit.

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