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Nainital – Things you should know before planning your trip

Overview of Uttarakhand State 

Nainital is situated in Uttrakhand state which is one of the most beautiful state in India. Not only it is gifted with magnificent, tall, spectacular mountains, comprising Dhauladhar and Shivalik Himalayas, forming famous hill stations like Mussoourie,Nainital, Dehradun. The Shivalik range is nothing but another name for the outer Himalayas. Despite the hilly charm of Uttrakhand, it also boasts many holy and sacred religious places having significant importance in the Hindu religion. These are Haridwar, Rishikesh, Naina Devi and many others.


Nainital hill station was the winter capital of the erstwhile state of the United Provinces. It is at 2,084 meters above sea level. The hill station of northern India has been a high relief point for Indians since British India. It is planned, designed by the Britishers, for the comfort of British officials in India. The center point is the Naini lake, an artificially Designed lake. Britishers had started boat service in the Lake providing mesmerizing experience while boating between the mountains. 

Nainital hill view
Nainital Hills

30 Famous Places to visit nearby Nainital

  1. Jim Corbett National park, oldest National park of India.
  2. Naukuchiatal 
  3. Sattal
  4. Garud Tal 
  5. Bhimeshwar Hindu temple 
  6. GB pant High altitude zoo 
  7. Sattal Christian Ashram 
  8. Hanuman Garhi 
  9. Snow Peak 
  10. Tiffin Top 
  11. Cave Garden 
  12. Neem Karoli Baba-Kainchi Dham 
  13. Naina Devi Temple 
  14. Naina peak 
  15. Lover Point 
  16. Suicide Point 
  17. RajBhawan Governor House 
  18. Khurpa Tal 
  19. Sariyatal 
  20. Gaula Dham 
  21. Tibetian Market
  22. Bhimtal 
  23. Mukteshwar temple 
  24. Sita Tal 
  25. Kamal Tal 
  26. Aerial Roadway 
  27. Mathpal museum and Art Gallery 
  28. Himalayan Botanical garden 
  29. Sheetla Devi Temple 
  30. Hawa Cave 

The Nainital Lake

Nainital Lake
Boat in Nainital Lake

The prime attraction of the hill station is an eye-shaped Naini Lake. Several boat services run there. Motorboats, Traditional boats, Modern Boot, Vintage style boats are seen standing on the lake side. The boatmen are looking for tourists to come and have a ride. The adjoining hills Stations of Nainital also provide other beautiful lakes like Beemtal, Sattal, Naukuchiatal, Garud Tal. One Who visits this place can also visit these adjoining lakes and enjoy the water form of nature at its best facet. 

Best time to visit Nainital

Indian couples prefer to visit the station during December-January. When the weather is incredible, and Kumaon hills are under White snow. You may also visit Lake City during Summer months when the cities like Delhi would experience hot loo and scorching heat. If you are a budget traveler, Student, or Backpacker, then you should plan your trip during off-season. During February-March, the place is not only less crowded but also cheaper. 

10 Must things to do 

  1. Walk on Mall road, beside Naini Lake. 
  2. Enjoy Boating 
  3. Ropeway 
  4. Rock Climbing 
  5. Adventure activities at the top of the hill 
  6. Eat in the Chandni chowk, an old restaurant 
  7. Visit Jim Corbett National Park 
  8. Take blessings of Naina Devi, by the Lake 
  9. Buy Tibetan handmade products 
  10. Biking on the hilly roads, piercing the dense fog.

Best place to stay 

There are many hotels in Nainital. The best place to stay is any hotel near Naini Lake. Which provides you not only the sunrise view but also the evening view, when Spectacular heavenly Naini Lake shines like Goddess, in the Full moonlight, supported by the Stars and the lights of hotels, restaurants, and shops on the Mall road. 

Mall Road
Mall Road in Nainital

Our  Story 

Quenching my traveling thirst, this time, my feet led me to the towering Kumaon hills of Nainital. Beginning our journey via train, our crew boarded the train from Delhi and reached Haldwani at night. The team had three members, including me. Danish Gupta, an Entrepreneur by profession, wore the shoes of an adventurous Mountain Biker. Darshan Singh, a singer and musician down to his heart, is in his quest for artistic redemption. 

“The World is a book and those who don’t travel read only one page.” 

Beginning of the Tour

In the morning, we first rented three bikes for all of us and accelerated our trip and zest to unwrap the silent beauty of the lake city of Nainital. We turned our bikes first to KAINCHI DHAM, the shrine of Neem Karoli Baba. He is believed to be the reincarnation of Hindu God, Hanuman. His followers included Apple founder Steve Jobs, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, Google founder Larry Page and many more international personalities of the present world. All came to visit this place before their fortune came to light.

The temple is built beautifully along the stream flowing waters, surrounded from all sides by majestic Hills. After paying obeisance there, we moved to our next destination-Nainital.

The unforgettable Adventure

As we moved up on curvy, hilly roads, white fog joined us on the way only to add charm to our journey. When we reached there, what an overwhelming scenic panorama it was! The pride of the Naini lake was flowing between the gigantic hills, adding another feather to the serenity of Nainital. After having a short walk on the Mall road, we put forward our journey to see the Seven points one by one. It was indeed an unforgettable experience. From the top snow peak of Hill, the splendor of the lake district is purely beyond words and expressions. I could see the winging fog floating in the atmosphere engulfing the giant majestic Hills. 

Nainital Boating
Boats in Nainital Lake

While we were spending our time with nature, it had more plans for us. The night of Nainital was still waiting for us. When it came, the Lake got illuminated with the reflections of lights falling from hotels presenting before us a mesmerizing view. 

After dinner, I spent some quality time sitting by the side of the Lake, just glaring at its beauty and putting it into photographic memories. 

Sunrise View in the Morning

The next morning we witnessed never seen before Sunrise with its reflections on the waters of the Lake. Now the time had come for us to bid adieu to Nainital. Biking down to our way back, it started drizzling, presenting pure mountain weather. When the weather was at its best, none of us wanted to miss the hot sizzling tea sitting on a tea stall listening to the music of raindrops. 

Exciting things happened with us

The most exciting part of every trip is the conversation with a random guy, usually any local who could tell more stories about the place, adding more dimensions to the adventure. 

Nainital Vlog

Sachin, the tea stall owner, is one such guy. Another interesting person we met on the train. Amish Khan, a newly recruited ARTO, is a man with music and warmth in his heart. 

Owing to the beautiful landscapes all along the route, I didn’t even realize how the time had passed. 


We took our train back to Delhi. When I looked at the faces of my adventurous friends sitting next to me, I noticed they were still in the thoughts of the Lake city, soaked in the gust blowing along Naini Lake. The views still refreshes my eyes with hope in the heart that one day I will come back again. Now, after a year and in this busy life, the beautiful memories always bring a smile on my face. At last, I would say never think how to reach Nainital? You have to go there at least once in a lifetime.


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