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Patnitop | Jammu’s Astonishing Hill Station

Patnitop is the most popular hill station in the Jammu region of Union territory of Jammu Kashmir. Jammu to Patnitop distance is 110km. It is located on an elevation in the Shivalik range of Himalayas at the height of 2024m. The weather shows its best facet in the evening hours. Precipitation happens there in the form of rain in summer and snow in winter. Lush green meadows, Grasslands, Pine trees, Deodar trees are everywhere. One can’t miss the adventure of going through Hilly roads, getting a glimpse of flawless nature from your window seat.


The name of Patnitop has been derived from Patan da Talab, meaning POND OF PRINCESS. The pond existed in the region where a princess of the ruling kingdom used to take a bath. The remains of the pond are still evident even now. In 1730 AD, this hill station had become more famous in the reign of Dogra King Raja Dhruv. Among the devotees, this region has special significance because of the existence of a 600-year-old Nag temple situated there. As per tradition, the females are prohibited from entering the temple.


Patnitop is situated in the Udhampur district of Jammu and Kashmir national highway (NH-44). It is one of the biggest cities after Jammu. The Devika River flows in the proximity of the region. Railway quarters, Huts, Hotels are there for the pleasureful stay of the visitors.

Jammu to Patnitop and Katra to Patnitop are the two routes from most of the tourist’s reach there. After the long walk for darshan of Shri Vaishno Devi Katra, pilgrims went to this hill station. The temperature is the traveler’s delight. Earlier, this scenic hill station comes in the way to Srinagar from Jammu.

Skyline cablecar
Skyline cablecar

Recently Chennai Nashri Tunnel renamed as (Dr. Shama Prasad Mukherjee Tunnel) has cut the region from the NH-44, reducing 40kms from Jammu to Srinagar road distance. You can plan your trip either from Jammu or from Katra as the public transport is easily available. Katra to Jammu distance is 85km

How to reach patnitop from katra?

You will get a bus from Katra bus stand. The bus service is good, and there are many buses on this route. The distance from Katra to Patnitop is 85km. You can also hire a taxi or autorickshaw from the stand.

Travel time 2 hours and 36 minutes

Patnitop temperature

The temperature is what makes it a wonderful experience for the visitors. It Rains very often because of height, and Lush green meadows take a white blanket during winters. Roads get slippery. If you are planning your trip in winter, you need to be a little careful. Newlywed couples usually are seen there, enjoying the weather of Patnitop.

Moreover, it gives an overwhelming experience of trekking on the hilly terrains. One can also enjoy tea, Kaladi, Kulcha, rajma chawal, and much delicious food in the unmatchable cloudy sky, which is considered the trademark of almost every hill station, and so does it. The Best time to visit it is May-June in summers and September to January in winter.

Patnitop Hotels

You need not worry about the hotels in Patnitop. Not only hotels but also there is a facility of the Youth hostel. For children, many fun activities are available there. You may also plan your trip further to Sanasar or Nathatop. The distance to Sanasar is less than 20km, whereas to Nathatop distance is 14km. Travel to all three locations adds more thrill to the trip.

How to book hut in patnitop?

Huts of Patnitop

You can book a Hut online easily. Go to the JKTDC website, choose Hotels option from the menu, then Jammu, and select Patnitop. You will find some hotels to select your choice.

Patnitop Ropeway

The Ropeway of Skyview Patinitop is the Highest ropeway of India with 64-meter ground clearance. It takes 2.5 years to complete the project of 150 crore INR. But it was planned around 15 years ago. It is based on the PPP model and an example of Indian-French collaboration. The lower terminal of the Ropeway is near Chenani, Sanget village and the upper terminal is in Patnitop.

Ropeway has a capacity of 6400 peoples per day. The infrastructure includes 8 towers with 18 gondola’s (cable car) with a total of 8 persons per car. The project also has Asia’s largest zig zag zipline of 580 meters.

With all this, Udhampur district is ready for a tourism boom. It will also help local people (mainly speaks Dogri Language) in their small businesses, which eventually increases the revenue of the whole state.


Skyview PatinitopPrice in INR
Ropeway – One-way849
Ropeway – Return999
Magic Carpet + Tubing849
Magic Carpet + Zipline949
Ropeway (Return) + Zipline1599
Ropeway (Return) + Magic Carpet + Tubing1699
Ropeway (Return) + Magic Carpet + Zipline1799
Ropeway (Return) + All Activities2299
Ropeway (One-way) + Meal (Indian/Continental)1199
Ropeway (Return) + Meal (Indian/Continental)1299
Pricing of skyline Ropeway,Patnitop

Current Situation

The future of Tourism in Patnitop Jammu looks bright, but now the condition of tourism is not so good. Firstly, the restructure of Jammu and Kashmir into Union Territory. Due to which the tourism of J&K affects and so of this Hill station. Also, another reason is no internet in Jammu and Kashmir for months and now slow internet in Jammu and Kashmir. Also, the current situation due to COVID-19 is not favorable for Tourism.


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