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8 Most Famous Temples in Jammu

The city of Jammu has been known to us as the city of temples. There are thousands of big and small temples in Jammu province. Apart from this, Jammu is the gateway to Switzerland of Asia, Srinagar. However, Jammu is the most populated city and also the city with a maximum literacy rate in Jammu and Kashmir region. Many of the city’s temples are of historical significance.

Some temples are so old and big that someone can mesmerize to see the grandiosity of these temples. The Hindu rules of the Jammu region made many temples which show their belief and their Devotion towards god. There are many famous stories of rulers, how much they worship, and why they build so many temples in Jammu.

Bawe wali mata temple

Bawe temple is considered to be the most sacred temple in Jammu. Goddess Kali worshipped in the temple. It was built by King Bahu Lochan 3000 years from now near 1500BC. Later on, rebuilt by Dogra rulers of the nineteenth century. King Bahu Lochan is the elder brother of the founder of Jammu city, Jambu Lochan, and the son of ambitious ruler Agnigarbh. As a matter of fact, according to India’s oldest history book Rajtaragni, these rulers are the descendants of Rama of Ayodhya.

Bawe wali mata
Bawe wali mata temple in Jammu

Raghunath Temple

This temple of Jammu is much famous among tourists who come to the city of temples. Raghunath temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Its construction was started by Raja Gulab Singh in 1835 and was completed by his successor Raja Ranbir Singh. This temple is in the famous Raghunath market, which is the most famous and crowded market of Jammu.

Raghunath Temple
Raghunath Temple in jammu

Ranbireshwar temple

It is also one of the most famous temples in Jammu city. Lord Shiva worshipped here, built by Raja Ranbir Sing the second ruler of Dogra rule in Jammu. He is a devotee of Lord Shiva. There are thousands of shivling in the temple. Some are so big, and some made with crystals. It is near to the civil Secretariat of Jammu.

Ranbireshwar temple
Ranbireshwar temple, jammu

Maha Maya Temple

Mahamaya was the name of the first female freedom fighter of Jammu. The temple was built on her memory. This temple is located outside the city’s hustle and bustle. The temple premises is calm and peaceful. This temple is dedicated to Goddess Kali. After the Bawe temple, this temple is the most crowded one during Navratri.

Maha Maya Temple
Maha Maya Temple in jammu

Panchbakhtar Temple

The literal meaning of Panchbakhtar is five faces. It also comes under the oldest temples of Jammu City. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the shiv ling of the temple is self-manifested. The stone carving on the temple is so artistic that one can’t imagine it. This temple is as old as the Indus valley civilization.

Panchbakhtar Temple
Panchbakhtar Temple jammu

 Peer Kho Cave Temple

Peer Kho temple is one of the most ancient temples in Jammu situated along the river Tawi and has a connection with Ramayana. This temple is also dedicated to Lord Shiva. It believed that Jamvant, the bear god worshiped in the cave. It is very famous among foreign tourists.

Peer Kho Cave Temple
Peer Kho Cave Temple, jammu

Aap Shambhu Temple

Another Lord Shiva Temple in Jammu. The Lingam of this temple is self-developed. The Lingam of the temple changes its color. There is profound mythology and astrology linked with the change in color. Aap Shambhu temple situated in Upper Roop Nagar, Jammu.

This temple was built by Maharaja Partap Singh. When he gets to know about the story behind this Shiv Ling. Maharaja wants to replace this linga to another place for worship but it is not possible and Lord Shiva comes in his dream and tells him that he wants to live in the Jungle so don’t remove Lingam. Hence, Maharaj Partap Singh built a temple around this lingam.

Aap Shambhu Temple
Aap Shambhu Temple jammu

Kol Kandoli Mata Mandir

Pandav made this temple to stay for one night. The darshan of the goddess is in the form of Pindi. Pilgrims of Vaishno Devi Katra (District Reasi)must visit this temple, and then they resume their journey again. This temple is in Nagrota well maintained now under the Indian Army.

There is another popular story about this temple. Mata Vaishno Devi appeared in this place when she was 5 years old and played marbles with the local girls. Then she resides here in the form of Pindi.

Kol Kandoli Temple
Kol Kandoli Mata Mandir


These temples not only show the belief of Jammu peoples in Hinduism but also shows their respect and their responsibility towards their religion and how they keep these temples well maintained for thousands of years. These temples also show the rich culture of Dogras (Native people of Jammu, who speak Dogri Language) of Jammu.

Now, the Archaeology Department also shows great activeness in maintaining these ancient Temples in Jammu. But there are also many temples which are not famous but are very important for Jammu and their culture. So, the Archaeology department needs to locate these temples and take over them and restore them. If you are new to our website please look at other articles too. We are covering the culture and places of all districts of Jammu and Kashmir.

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