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Udhampur District | Things You Don’t Know About

Udhampur the city of Dogra’s, surrounded by the Himalayas in north and northern-plains in the south lies on the banks of the river Devika. However, it is named after Udham Singh s/o Maharaja Gulab Singh (Founder of Dogra Dynasty).

Importance of Udhampur:

It is the headquarter of the Northern Command of the Indian Army. As well as, the Air force station is used as a forward base. The transit camp of CRPF and Training centers of BSF are also operational here.

In addition, the Headquarter of GREF is situated here. Therefore, it is an essential place for the Defence of India.


Udhampur lies in the southern part of the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir. 66km far from Jammu by National highway NH44. Consequently, It is bounded on the West by Reasi District, in the North by Ramban, in North-East by Doda District, in South-East by Samba & Kathua Districts and the South-West by Jammu District. Its actual geographical location lies between 32O34’to 39O30’N and 74O16’ to 75O38’E.


Udhampur District is extending over an area of 2,380 sq. Kms comprises of 8 Tehsils.

  1. Udhampur
  2. Ramnagar
  3. Chenani
  4. Majalta
  5. Moungri
  6. Panchari
  7. Basantgarh
  8. Latti.

Administrative Set-Up:

The administrative work is governed by four administrative divisions, i.e., Udhampur having pin code 182101, Ramnagar (182122), Chenani (182141) , and Majalta (182127) . At the present time, it has 361 villages divided into 17 Community Development Blocks.

These blocks are Udhampur, Chenani, Panchari, Ghordi, Ramnagar, Majalta, Narsooh, DuduBasantgarh, Jaganoo, Kulwanta, Sewna, Parly Dhar, Latti-Marothi, Moungri, Khoon, Tikri, and Chanunta. Further grouped into 205 Gram Panchayats. The Udhampur District has only 4 Towns, i.e., Udhampur, Ramnagar, Rehmbal and Chenani.


National Highway NH-44 passes through Udhampur which connects Kashmir valley with India. The train network is also present in the district which is the extension of the Jammu Tawi railway route. Udhampur Railway Station and Ramnagar Railway station are two railway stations in the district. The new rail line for Katra (Vaishno Devi) is functional now.

Northern Railway is working hard to construct a rail link between Udhampur and Banihal. Soon the project will be completed. Subsequently, Kashmir valley will connect with the rest of India by this Rail line.

Geography of Udhampur:

It is located in the Shivalik range of Himalayas. Therefore, the topography of the district is mountainous. As a result, there are very few or no planes in the district. Hence, people live mostly in hilly areas. Mansar lake is also quite near to the district.


Udhampur district has altitudinal variation from 600 meters to 3,000 meters AMSI. Due to this, there is a wide variation in temperature. As a result, the temperature sometimes rises as high as 40 °C in low altitude and goes below 1.5 °C at high altitude areas.

May, June & July are the hottest summer months when the temperature goes up to 40 °C. December, January, and February are the coldest months when the temperature in some areas comes down to 1.5 °C.

The Climate of Udhampur:

The climate of the district overall remains moderate. 40°C temperature is very occasional. If it goes up to 40°C for a day, then it surely will come down in the next day or two. The annual rainfall is about 130 cm. Snowfall is widespread in some areas, i.e., Panchari, Patnitop, and Dudu.


Tawi and Devika are the major rivers of Udhampur. But the utilization of water is impossible due to mountainous topography. Due to this, many areas(Kandi areas) are prone to drought and only small areas of land used for irrigation.

The Devika river is the cultural and spiritual hub for Hindus like the Ganga river. River Devika is called as the elder sister of River Ganga. Therefore, all spiritual tasks that are performed in the Ganga, performed in Devika.


The area under forest is about 52.21% of the geographical area of the District. Therefore, the District is rich in the forest of about 1242.76 Sq.Km. The main species of timber available in the district are Deodar, Kail, Fur, Chir, Santha, and Kher.

Cropping Pattern :

The main three crops cultivated in the district are Maize, Paddy, and Wheat. Maize is the most important crop grown in the entire District.

The Population of Udhampur District:

Udhampur has a population of 557689 as per the 2011 census, including 2,98,189 males and 2,59,500 females. The district has recorded a population growth rate of 20.86% during the decade 2001-2011. The population is mostly rural, and only 20% of it lives in towns.

The density of the people of the district is 211 persons as compared to 124 persons per for Union territory of Jammu and Kashmir and 420 persons per for India. The literacy rate in the District is 68.50%.

TehsilsPopulation in 2011 census
Udhampur 228520
Ramnagar 132692
Chenani 57654
Majalta 50367
Basantgarh 18645
Latti 22772
Panchari 27972
Moungri 19067
Total 557689

Religions in Udhampur:

It is a Hindu majority district of Union territory of Jammu and Kashmir. The Hindus are 88.1%, Muslims are 10.8%, and Sikhs are only 0.6%. Take a look into the following percentage chart of Religion.[visualizer id=”1365″]


People eat a variety of food, but Kaladi(Type of Cheese) and Toda (made from the flour of maze) are a very popular local food. Due to westernization, Chinese food getting trendy these days.

Language :

The mother tongue of people living in Udhampur is Dogri Language, which is the language of Dogra’s living mainly in Jammu Province. Whereas Hindi and English are other languages people speak here.

Tourism in Udhampur:

Tourist Places :

  1. Patnitop
  2. Kud
  3. Panchari
  4. Dudu
  5. Seojdhar
  6. Kulwanta

Pilgrimage Places:

  1. Vaisnoo Devi (Katra)
  2. pringla mata (Ramnagar)
  3. Mahamaya Temple (Garnai)
  4. Sudhmahadev
  5. Gourikund
  6. Mantalai
  7. Pandav Temples (krimachi)
  8. Chounta Mata
  9. Kali Mata Temple (Rehambal)
  10. Marara Devi Temple (Ghordi)

Who is the DC of Udhampur district?

Dr. Piyush Singla, IAS

How can I reach Udhampur to Katra?

You can reach Katra by Road and by Train.

How far is Srinagar from Udhampur?

133 km

How can I reach Patnitop from Udhampur?

By Bus or Taxi, However, NH 44 connects Udhampur and Patnitop


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